Make Money on EBay by Selecting the Right Dropship Supplier – Part 2

If you are just starting and seek a way to make money on eBay, using a dropship supplier may be an option to consider. Start your search and you will find that while    Dropshipping Supplier UK   there are many dropshippers to choose from, there are lots challenges associates with locating just the right company. Often a dropship supplier won’t offer the products being sought. In other instances costs are too high. Some suppliers simply take your money and then disappear. This is part 2 of a 4 part article series that will cover methods for screening prospective companies to find just the right one for your business.

1) Does the dropshipper carry products that are within your market niche? If you are truly developing a long-term business, you will need to identify a specific market niche, and specific products to sell within that niche. You will never lose site of the importance of developing an opt-in list. You will focus on making sales within that niche and developing a list of those targeted customers and prospective customers for future sales. Many dropship companies encourage you to market assorted products across a variety of niches which does not fit this model. Using dropship companies that cannot provide the products you need to make this model work may yield profits short-term. However unless you are selling high-volumes of general merchandise a better way to make money on eBay is to focus on a specific niche and a set of products within that niche.

2) Can you make a profit on the product(s) that you sell/ship using this dropshipper supplier? Dropship companies have a set of built-in costs they must cover. They handle initial purchasing, merchandise receiving, stock handling, inventory control, and pulling, packing and shipping products, and more. All of these tasks cost money. Make sure there is still profit to be made after these costs have been added back into the dropship costs you pay. With the competitive nature of eBay, suppliers often fail this test.

3) Does the dropshipper ONLY include your company information on the packages when they ship products for you? One of the costs of doing business with a dropship company is they have access to every buying customer who’s product you dropship with them. It is difficult to know exactly how that information will be used, and you certainly have no direct control over the final uses that are made of it. (Be sure to ask about their policy regarding your client names, addresses, and other information.) One area you do need to make sure you control is use of only your company information on packages shipped to your clients. Make sure the dropship supplier company information is not on the package, and that no information is mailed inside the package. Finally make sure they don’t include your wholesale cost information on packing slips and other documentation.

4) Does the dropshipper ship within 3-5 business days of payment? eBay customers expect prompt shipment of the merchandise they purchase. Always screen dropship suppliers regarding the promptness of shipment once they have received payment for a product from you. Another part of this discussion should include policies regarding out of stock items and back orders, which unfortunately do occur when using dropshippers. Simply sending a notice to your customer a few days after you’ve been paid for a product will do nothing for your standing with that customer. Make sure there is a notification process that promptly gets that information to you. After all one of the keys to make money on eBay is to have happy customers who return time after time, and both prompt shipment and good communication of problems and solutions contribute to that relationship.


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