How to Repair Wood Siding

Only one out of every odd task needs the assistance of your trusty neighborhood repairman. With only a tad of examination, time and persistence, you can do some home fixes yourself. One of these is the maintenance of your home’s wood sidings.

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By assuming control over things, you can save yourself a huge load of money too. First all you need are the right devices: Putty blade, hand stapler, etch, hand stapler, jigsaw, level pry bar, hammer, shingle puller, hacksaw, round saw, keyhole saw, and building paper.

Whenever you have every one of your devices, you would now be able to start your assignment of fixing your wooden siding. You might need to have an additional pair of hands by asking a relative or neighbor to help you. Follow these means underneath:

1. Utilize driving spacers to fix bigger openings and to shield the siding from harm. It ought to be set between the space to be fixed and the siding on top of it to make it simpler for you to eliminate the siding.

2. Utilize a pry bar to eliminate old nails. Utilize some piece wood to secure the siding you don’t plan to supplant. Keep taking out the nails until the siding to be taken out is free.

3. When the siding is totally eliminated, measure the region and leave around 1/16 at each end. Wood extends and contracts relying upon the climate so leaving a touch of space for the siding to develop will forestall harms later.

4. In the event that your old siding is as yet flawless, you can likewise utilize it as a format for your new one. This is a decent method to get precise estimating and estimation. Before you put in the new siding, prime and paint the region under or even only the region that will be left uncovered.

5. Prior to placing in your new siding, supplant the harmed fabricating paper under. Regardless of whether it isn’t totally harmed at this point, fixing the whole thing is a smart thought. Just cut the structure paper and staple it set up.

6. You may now put your new siding. Start with the part at the base then, at that point work your direction upwards. Nail at a similar example of the past siding to make your work as spotless as could really be expected.

7. When everything is set up, tidy up the new siding altogether. Supplant outlets and fix free nails so you can start preparing lastly painting the siding.

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