Blood Pressure Supplements – 3 Great and Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure supplements are one great way to help get rid of your hypertension without resorting to drugs. Here in this article I’ll share with you three great types of supplement that you can go out and try today.


Garlic is great for overall cardiovascular health. It reduces both your systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

It also thins the blood so if you are taking aspirin or Warfarin or other blood thinners then you should first speak to your doctor.

You can eat garlic whole but it is much nicer to take it as a small supplement pill.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is one of the new, revolutionary supplements   striction bp that have hit the market in recent years. It is present in many cells of the body and is also critical in many of the body’s important processes and organs such as the heart, liver and kidney.

It can help after a heart attack, possible help against cancer and reduce radiation damage. But it can also reduce your b.p. by up to 20/10 alone which is very significant.

Vitamin C

Studies have shown that vitamin C is somewhat effective against hypertension and can help you to get closer to the healthy value of 115/75.

Nobody knows exactly why but it appears to be related to nitric acid. Vitamin C increases something called “nitric oxide synthesis” – the end result is that your blood vessels can open up and this then relieves the pressure on the walls (like releasing a garden hose that has been pulled tight to start with).

The best source of this vitamin is fresh fruits but supplements have been show to be highly effective. You only need a regular dose for it to be effective. There is no need to “mega-dose” to get the benefits.


Everybody talks about sodium being bad for your heart and bad for your blood. People are always checking sodium content on food packages to make sure they don’t get enough.

However, the real relationship is between sodium and potassium. If you also increase the potassium that you eat then this has a beneficial effect on your blood pressure.

You can easily buy potassium supplements from your local health store. You can also substitute the salt that you add to meals (sodium based) with a potassium equivalent. The more you shake on your meal, the healthier for your b.p. it is!

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