Managed Services and Web 2.0

Not too long ago, the internet gave us the opportunity, though with some cost, to present our products or service to a worldwide market. A web presence quickly became a must. How quickly things have changed, the internet is going through a renaissance explained one CEO. Mr. Scott Milener CEO of Brewster opined that Web 2.0 is the big bang. Some may ask “what is Web 2.0?” I’ve heard it described as the sematic web. Web 2.0 brings life to your website. The combination of technologies involved removes the monotony of the Web 1.0 page. The population today spends a phenomenal amount of time browsing, this at the expense of TV. Americans use the Internet most for sending electronic mail, using search engines, researching products and services before buying. The dynamic nature of Web 2.0 with RSS feeds, social networks, blogs,wikis, tags, and podcasting provides an unmeasurable forum for the advertiser of a service or product.

Back in 2004 when I started my first blog I was amazed when I received a call from a headhunter who was interested in talking with me about developing a blog for a Manhattan-based company. I looked at blogging as just a fun thing. Today companies are actually paying bloggers huge  Cyber Security Cloud salaries to leverage this Web 2.0 technology. Myspace, I remember warning my daughter about that site. Today it is reported that receives 1 billion hits per day, boasts a membership of 182 million. Youtube, some visionary created the face of Web 2.0. On my last check these are some of the companies posting Managed Services videos, IBM,Cisco, Dell. IT Vizion, Sun Systems. Yes sir, Web 2.0 has gained acceptance and is being used to the extreme by large companies.

We as small or should I say smaller MSPs have the same tools available to us. I even foresee Web 2.0 administration becoming a managed service. Companies are realizing the stagnancy of email as opposed to wikis, the power of keywords for generating traffic to their sites, the value of having social networks where they are allowing the consumer to be heard openly. Users are learning to communicate directly with each other. What better advertising? The search engines are being manipulated. A query for “managed services” brings up 27,200,000 responses. The Web 2.0 marketers are skilled in creating “longtail keywords” used on your website that will bring you more visibility. The MSP, to be competitive has to re-evaluate their marketing approaches and get in the game with Web 2.0. We need to understand Internet marketing or outsource our advertising methods to be seen.Back in 2004 I would have doubted Cisco posting a video on youtube.

Using an internet tool I searched two MSPs website hits, one had 171,000 per day and the other had less than 2000 per week. The difference, internet marketing. Company A was leveraging Web 2.0 tools whereas company B had the same Web 1.0 site. There are tools that allow you as a small business owner to perform competitive intelligence analysis. One would find that the successful companies are using marketing techniques that if you are not aware of their usefulness your website is simply lost in cyberspace.


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