How Do I Find Song Lyrics?

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. You’re singing along to a favourite song (albeit off key and quietly so as not to offend the neighbours) and you get to the one line in the song you just hum along to or skip over because ¬†you don’t know the words to it. Or maybe any anchor you’re like me and you just make them up as required.

Either way, wouldn’t it be nice to know them with certainty so you can sing them aloud? It’s easy to find most lyrics but some require a bit more digging and some sites are much better than others. Just as in searching for anything else there are a few general things to consider before you begin.

I’ve found two effective ways to find lyrics and dozens of ineffective ways (that I won’t disclose here). If you’re the pioneer type of individual, just type in the lyrics that you do know -or a portion thereof- into the search engine of your choice. It helps to use “quotation marks” or add the phrase ‘song lyrics’ to your words to help the search engine. Within seconds you will have a staggering amount of responses to wade through, most of which are of little or no value.

If you’re like most folks and you don’t mind other people doing some of the trail blazing for you, then I have included a short review of some of the larger sites and what to expect there. Don’t expect to find a single source that has all answers for every occasion. Searching for song lyrics is just as much of peck and pray operation as most other searches on the net. – This site has a huge library but the suggested answers are very bare bones indeed and if you don’t know the song’s title you are going to have significant challenges. If you know the songs title you can expect to find the lyrics here. – Another site with a large library but you will have to be prepared to sift through a lot of irrelevant responses to your lyrics. Has the potential to work well if you know the songs title and preferably the recording artist as well. – This site is not blessed with the largest library, nor the most astute search engine. It does offer a unique feature that is sure to get some people’s attention. Basically, if you know the suggested song title is not a proper match for your lyrics you are encouraged to enter the correct information to upgrade the data base. Sort of a ‘wikilyrica’ tool. – This site is quite limited in comparison to some of the other more robust sites and it requires a bit more ‘digging’ than most. Suitable for the most popular tunes but then again, what site isn’t?

Lyricfinder.corg – It proclaims that it will settle arguments between you and your friends regarding song lyrics. That’s a stretch as it’s really just a Google powered redirect site where you are given several topical responses before dissolving into the same unrelated search term laden crap sites that Google searches are so famous for.


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