Prolonging the Life of Your Fresh Flower Bouquets

Prolonging the Life of Your Fresh Flower BouquetsMost cut flowers will last 4-7 days, but you can greatly increase this by taking good care of your bouquet.

On receiving your bouquet:

Remove 1 inch of the stems, cutting at a 45 degree angle under running, warm water. Use a sharp implement to trims stems to avoid crushing and jeopardising water intake.
Remove all foliage which will be below the water level Market Harborough florist   when in the vase.
Ensure any vases used are cleaned prior to use
Place your flowers in warm (not hot) water, in a cool, draft free area for at least 2 hours to encourage optimum water absorption.
After a minimum of 2 hours, transfer your flowers   Yankee candle bouquet into a vase of cool (but not ice cold) water.
Use any flower preservative or ‘flower food’ provided with your flowers, as these can greatly increase the longevity of your cut flowers. Mix according to the instructions provided and don’t over or under dilute.
Choose a spot to display your flowers that is bright and draft-free.
Don’t place your flowers on top of the TV, or on a window ledge above a frequently warm radiator, as the heat will greatly reduce the flower’s life.
Make sure your flowers always have plenty of water, and top it up regularly to prevent wilting.
Adding daffodils to other flowers in an arrangement may cause premature wilting of the other flowers.
Every couple of days, re-cut stems using the same original technique, by ¼ to ½ inch.
As flowers begin to wilt or die, remove individual dead flowers one at a time to maintain freshness in the remaining flowers for as long as possible.
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