What Message Are Your Store Window Graphics Sending?

Marketing your business is a non-stop process. From traditional newspaper or television ads to the interior graphics of your store, customers should be exposed to your message in as many forms as possible. One often neglected medium is a store’s window graphics.

Traditional Window Graphics

Many store owners think of permanent architectural signage when they design their window graphics. They hire   a   https://becool.ro/ company to paint the name and hours of the shop on the door then forget about it. These limited graphics provide functional information but little marketing potential. They are missing a wonderful opportunity for advertising.

Exciting window graphics can pique the interest of passing traffic. Customers who might not even notice your store can be drawn in by the visual displays that catch their attention. Even if the graphics don’t bring them in right away, they will leave a lasting impression in their minds. The next time they think of the products you offer, your store will jump into their minds.

However permanent window graphics such as paint or glass etching limit your ability to change your message as shoppers’ interests change over the seasons or as your product line evolves. You need a more versatile choice.

Posters and Banners

Stores use temporary displays such as posters and banners to change their marketing message. This allows them to advertise sales, promote holiday items, or announce new product lines. Large format printing provides bold messages that attract attention and influence consumer response.

One advantage of these displays is that they are inexpensive, allowing a store to change their window graphics frequently without breaking their marketing budget. Then again, one disadvantage of these displays is that they are inexpensive, appearing cheap and not always giving the best impression. They often don’t hold up to repeated use and are simply discarded when taken down.

New developments in window graphics have given new media that provide exciting displays at a reasonable cost.

Decals and Meshes

Window graphics printed on decals provide a bolder look that will make your store stand out from the pack. Decals can display brighter colors than paper and the sturdier material allows more intricate shapes, getting away from bland rectangular posters. Many of these materials can be peeled off and reused when needed.

Some shops are going a step further, using a fine mesh material for their custom displays that provides a one-way display. Customers outside see a full-window display but light shines through from the outside, keeping your store bright. This avoids the claustrophobic feeling large banners can create. It creates a display that is nothing like what traditional window graphics can match.

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