How to Come Up With Your Own Clever Pick-Up Lines – Learn the Ways of Making Your Own Lines

Lots of guys turn to clever pick-up lines when trying to get lucky with the girls. More than half the time, they get rejected and end up talking to the hand — why? Well, there are certain factors you have to consider before going out there and start approaching a girl. Here are a few¬† Clever things you should first remember:

Be confident and attractive. You first need to have an alone time with yourself and ask yourself if you’re happy with your life right now. If you are reeking with negativity and pessimism, you better think twice before approaching a girl and picking her up. When you feel attractive, you start to look attractive.
Be creative and original. There are lots of clever pick up lines you can scour from the web and other dating books but it also pays best if you come up with your own original ones. Try to make it sound like you’re having a normal conversation — keep it simple and subtle.
Value a woman’s intelligence. Here a little trick you can try on yourself first: listen to yourself as you deliver a pick-up line. If you think it’s dumb and stupid, there’s a big chance girls would think they are too. Don’t make it appear your making fun of a woman’s intelligence — so try to make your pick-up lines more witty. Add a touch of humor but never ever try to make it sound like she’s stupid. It’s rude. And it’s ruining your chance to get laid tonight.
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