The start of Modern Magic in Singapore

This article is to acquaint entertainers and enchantment aficionados with the rich history of wizardry in Singapore. It respects the outstanding accomplishments, noticeable quality and meaning of neighborhood entertainers from the at various times.

The start of Modern Magic in Singapore

It is the overall agreement that advanced wizardry in Singapore (post World War 2) started with the late-Ng Bo

Oen AKA The Great Wong. Data on neighborhood wizardry pre-war is scant. The lone data found has been on The Great Wong performing at the New World Amusement Park (at that point situated at Kitchener Road) during the 1930s. magicien close-up Lyon

The Great Wong was brought into the world in 1908 in Shanton, a city of the Guangdong Province, China and moved to Singapore in 1933. He was the solitary expert entertainer of his time in Singapore and performed across South East Asia. He was known for his sharp stage sorcery, Linking Rings routine and Sword Basket hallucination. He was additionally a specialist expert who fabricated the entirety of his props by hand. He had the endowment of sorting out the mechanics and technique of enchantment props and manufacturing them without any preparation.

In 1962, The Great Wong made a huge commitment to the global enchantment local area by distributing his well known connecting rings routine with English content composed by Tudor Brock. Davenports Magic in London circulates his composition to date. In 1982, he was welcomed by the Federation Internationale des Societes Magiques (FISM) to perform at the fifteenth World Congree of Magic in Lausanne, Switzerland.

(For more data on The Great Wong; allude to ‘The Great Wong Story’ in The International Brotherhood of Magicians Singapore Ring 115 The Quantum Ring Golden Jubilee Issue)

Another nearby performer who was instrumental in developing current wizardry in Singapore during the start was the late-Tan Hock Chuan. He was an educator by calling yet performed for yearly uncommon occasions, noble cause shows and private gatherings. He was (and still is) globally known for his enchanted developments. His belongings and thoughts are as yet promoted seller things today and have been distributed in innumerable distributions (of that time) like Gen, Spinx, Pentagram, New Pentagram, Swami Mantra, Abracadabra and even Tarbell’s Course in Magic. He is the principal Asian performer to get the Spinx Award (1936-37)

Both The Great Wong and Tan Hock Chuan were significant impacts to large numbers of the original of Singapore present day performers who have made ready for people in the future.


It was solely after the war and during the British Military Administration that enchantment in Singapore started its ascent to where it is today. 1950 was the year that the Singapore Magician’s Club was shaped by a gathering of beginner entertainers, containing English-instructed experts.

In 1951 the Singapore Magician’s Club got their sanction from The International Brotherhood of Magicians HQ in America and was from that point on was formally known as The International Brotherhood of Magicians Singapore Ring 115. Establishing individuals from the club around then included Tan Ewe Chee (President), Yeo Soon Kian, Lim Kim Tian, Lim Hap Hin, J.H Stafford, L.A Joseph, J.W Jackson (Vice-President) and Tan Hock Chuan (Secretary).

The 50’s brought forth Singapore’s original of present day entertainers. Other than the establishing individuals from the IBM Ring and The Great Wong (who joined the Ring in 1952 by greeting), some noticeable original entertainers included Lim Hap Hin, Tan Choon Tee, Tan Bah Chee, Yeo Soon Kian and his understudy Michael Lim.

The Great Wong worked the main sorcery shop from his home cum display area/workshop in Singapore at 255-A Jalan Besar where he sold his own hand tailored props just as imported vendor things from Japan. (This home/shop was annihilated in a fire in Dec 1988 making him lose the majority of his books and props)


During this period, performers like The Great Wong, Tan Bah Chee, Lim Hap Hin and Tan Choon Tee led wizardry courses at the National Theater Club and the YMCA. They were liable for delivering dynamic entertainers, for example, Charles Choo, Wong Fok Choy, Chia Hearn Jiang, Gwee Thiam Hock and the late-Vijeyacone.

The mid 60s additionally saw the ‘Brilliant Age’ of enchantment with entertainers performing at various settings the nation over. Other than nearby entertainers acting in clubs, unfamiliar entertainers, for example, Socar played out a fabulous fantasy show to a full house at the Capitol Theater (along Stamford Road) and The Great Nicholas at the Sky Theater in The Great World Amusement Park at Kim Seng Road (Now, Great World City).

In the last part of the 60s, Wee Peng Guan (Uncle of Charles Choo), opened the subsequent wizardry shop in Singapore at a shop house along Robinson Road. Around that time, mainstream performer Victor Khoo’s dad Khoo Teng Heng who was an entertainer, a ventriloquist and hypnotic specialist opened his enchantment shop at Bras Basah. (where Carlton Hotel stands as of now).

During this decade, Tan Choon Tee was becoming well known in the global sorcery local area in the field of Mentalism. He won a few worldwide Linking Ring Awards for his One-Man Parades and has two books distributed by Micky Hades. He was additionally a customary supporter of various worldwide wizardry magazines like Gen, New Pentagram, Magicgram, Magicana and The Linking Ring.

Abroad entertainers whom went through Singapore included Milo and Roger, Milbourne Christopher and Maurice Fogel.


The 1970s saw the introduction of the second era of Singapore performers. Some notable entertainers who began during this time included; The Great Wong’s child Ng Kee Chee, John Teo, Tang Sai Thong, Ng Seow Kiat, Tang Yeng Fun, Bob Chua, Eric Leong, Tan Teck Seng, Lawrence Tham, Tan Tuan Seng, Lawrence Khong and Andrew Kong.

The Singapore Association of Magicians was established on 10 March 1973 in well disposed ‘competition’ to the IBM Ring. The club was driven by Tan Bah Chee with conspicuous establishing individuals like Lim Hap Hin, Tan Hock Chuan and Charles Choo.

Wizardry shops in Singapore started to jump up during the last part of the seventies. Ng Kee Chee set up a sorcery slow down at Yaohan in Plaza Singapura and Wang Leng opened his shop in Peninsula Plaza. Charles Choo opened his shop in August 1978 on the sixth floor of Far East Shopping Center. (It would move a few times to different shopping centers however at last returned back to Far East). His shop would before long turn into an establishment where entertainers would purchase different enchantment items just as get together and gain from one another.

It was an assortment frequent for some performers in the years to come till the shop shut in the new thousand years.

During this period, The Tropicana Night Club, which was arranged at Pacific Plaza, was a setting that had customary enchantment exhibitions. A few popular performers additionally visited Singapore during the 70s. In 1970, John Calvert performed at the National Theater. In 1972, Albert Goshman visited Ring 115 to give a talk. In that very year, “The Professor” Dai Vernon additionally visited Singapore, addressed and connected with neighborhood performers. Other visiting performers included Andre Kole, Billy McComb, and Ali Bongo.


By the 1980s, the nearby wizardry scene was thriving with sound participations for the two principle sorcery clubs just as a flood in the quantity of performing entertainers. A considerable lot of the present veterans made their name during the 80s. Recognizable names like Richard Ang, Patrick Wan, Patrick Ng Wang Lin, Tan Hai Yan AKA Gician, Paul Koh, AB Francis and Gordon Koh were performing routinely at public and private shows during this decade. Well known neighborhood settings for public enchantment shows by wizardry clubs hung consistently around then incorporated the Drama Center and the National Museum Theatrette.

The prominence of enchantment shops likewise developed and in 1982, Chew Kin Song opened a Magic and Novelty Corner at the Chinese Book Section of Popular Book Co Pte Ltd on the fourth Floor of Bras Basah Complex. Gician Tan likewise opened up his first sorcery shop at Parkway Parade which in this manner moved to Marina Square and was overseen by Richard Ang. Other than this principle shop, he appropriated wizardry things and sets through retail chains

in Singapore and South East Asia.The Singapore crowd was additionally presented to a-list wizardry through a few enchantment network shows and arrangement that were circulated on nearby TV including the David Copperfield specials, Magic and The Best of Magic.

Unfamiliar performers who visited Singapore during this time included David Copperfield, Mark Wilson, Ben Harris, Paul Daniels and Gene Anderson.


The start of this decade saw the presentation of the country’s third era performers into the nearby wizardry scene. Noticeable growing performers included Enrico Varella, Sherman Tjiong, J C Sum, Joe Yu (Chan Ee Kang), Nique Tan Li Keong, Prakash Puru, Kiki Tay, Alex Tan and Jeremy Pei.

The nearby part of International Magicians Society was shaped, established by its President, Tan Bah Chee; albeit the club’s quality in Singapore was fleeting.

The last part of the 1990s saw an enormous flood in wizardry worldwide fame because of David Blaine’s road enchantment specials. Numerous individuals began to ‘get into’ wizardry and had new mediums to get familiar with the specialty like the presentation of DVDs and the Internet.

Another wizardry shop, Magic Castle and Promotions, opened up by Vijay Kumar at Shaw Towers before long turned into ‘the spot to be’ the place where new performers would hang out and meet.

During this decade, Wang Leng’s shop in Peninsula Plaza was offered to Patrick Wan. The shop was thusly offered to Richard Ang and is currently notable as Ang House of Magic. Patrick Wan opened his new shop, Magic Wand, which has generated into a few outlets in different pieces of Singapore. Steven Sim additionally opened Magic Supreme at Coronation Plaza which has consequently moved to Park Mall.

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